William Guest, the author of Time Do Not StopWhat I Cannot AbandonWho Are We, and Places You Want to Go, graduated from Yale University in 1953, and Harvard Law School in 1957. A practicing attorney from 1957 – 1985, he was chair and CEO of a life insurance enterprise engaged in acquisitions from 1985 – 2006. Writing and sculpting is his third career.

His poems have appeared in venues such as The New Lantern Review, Calliope, Storyteller Magazine, The Listening Eye, the anthologies of Texas Poetry by Mutabilis Press: Weight of Addition, and, in 2015, Untameable City: Poems on the Nature of Houston . He was also a juried poet in The Houston Poetry Fest.

Guest is a South Carolina native and long-time resident of Houston, Texas. He is a life member of the Philosophical Society of Texas, the Houston Philosophical Society, and the Board of Visitors of McDonald Observatory, as well as a board member of the Mercury Baroque Ensemble and an Advisory Director of Public Poetry.

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