Never Enough, the fourth book of lyric poems by William Guest, praises nature, and the joy derived from it, in so many of its manifestations. There are also poems about climate change and family, as well as existential ruminations about life and death. And poems about aging, as he has now reached his tenth decade, hoping for more and more. Available now from the publisher … Continue reading NEVER ENOUGH


Time Do Not Stop is built around meditations on family, eternity, the joys of life, the pondering of mortality and loss, the grinding mill of continuous change, illusions and realities, and the plight of small humans in a vast cosmos. Guest’s diverse experiences as a lawyer, business executive, and sculptor lend perspective to many of life’s most ineffable emotional and intellectual quandaries. Through all of … Continue reading TIME DO NOT STOP


Curated from over six decades of writing, the poems in What I Cannot Abandon paint an inimitable portrait of the human experience. Contemplating both the mysteries and miracles of life, as well as the challenges of aging and mortality, Guest expertly assesses life’s joys and sorrows with insight and tenderness. Through their reckoning with the world at large, these eclectic poems engage the wonder of the … Continue reading WHAT I CANNOT ABANDON


‘Places You Want to Go’ revels in the excitement of travel to and experiences of being in four of the Earth’s most wonderful places. Writing while in the midst of his journeys, with fresh, rich and oftentimes poetic language, William Guest offers readers the experiences of travel to and enjoying the destinations. These four high profile places are the Antarctic, the Arctic, Peru including the … Continue reading PLACES YOU WANT TO GO


Who Are We investigates the history of the universe and, in it, the role of humanity.  About the book, Harvard University Professor of Biology Brian Farrell said “I am overwhelmed by the beauty and truth of this epic poem.” Feel free to check it out on Amazon. As a sneak peak, here is how it begins: PREFACE Know then thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper … Continue reading WHO ARE WE


William Guest’s sculptures consist primarily of horses—not portraits, but metaphors of ways to think about horses. He works largely in oil-based clay which in due course becomes bronze. Dimensions, all in inches:  (High, Long, Wide) Blended Horses = 13H – 18L – 10W Horse and Hand  =  8.5H – 19L – 7W Horse Play  =  9H – 11L – 5W Patty  =  28.5H – 12L – … Continue reading SCULPTURE